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RLCBATS produces the finest maple and ash bats. We make precision quality wooden baseball bats for all levels of play. All our bats are hand crafted, using the patterns with the player's style in mind. Northern White Ash and Rock Maple (Sugar Maple) bats are our specialty. We start with the finest quality wood from Pennsylvania, New York, and other New England states. All our bats are made to industry standards and we offer many models. We also do custom bats for players. When you buy an RLC bat you’re getting the same quality as the bats used in the MLB. For a tour or to schedule an appointment with one of our sales reps to get fitted or to purchase please call 724-992-8665.


"- I purchased 2 of your 271 Model Bats in December through Don Kelly of the Detroit Tigers. My name is Tom Carter and I play at Cleveland State. I worked out with Donnie over break and he told me you offered a great product. Your bats were very well balanced and very durable I havent even taken the 2nd one out of the bag yet because the first one has held up so well. I was wondering how much one of your fungo bats would be? I just want a finished one so I can use it to do hitting drills and so people can hit me some ground balls because I play shortstop. Thanks for your help and your great bats. I look forward to doing future business with you."

– Tom Carter

RLC is a wonderful business that truly pits their heart into their work! They were great with my kids and thoroughly enjoyed his tour. The quality of his work impressed us so much, that we ordered my son a custom bat. Thanks so much! - Beth Bowland

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Carolina Prospects East team wood bats have all arrived!! A very big thank you to RLCbats, these look absolutely amazing! Look forward to seeing the boys swinging them at our first tourney in June!!

"Hey Boys,
A couple of pics of the latest RLC Home Run down under. Todd Darvall from North Shore Knights has dispatched this one about 400ft during the NSW Baseball Major League in Sydney."

– Darren King

greatly enjoyed the visit. learned a lot and got to use a lathe. played intramural sports at "the rock" and could have used a good bat! got one from Rachel for a gift and love it. even had my name on it. i toured louisville slugger and bought a bat there designed for public use/sale. the quality was not even close to RLC. I highly recommend these bats. - Eric Momberger



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