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THe Journey of a dream

If you craft it well, they will hit it well!

RLCbats is a leader of custom, elite performance bats. We make every bat as though we are the ones going to use it. Making top quality baseball bats is our number one priority. We make dreams possible because our high quality bats are affordable.


We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do. RLCbats started as a dream. Literally. Aaron, the owner, was stranded at a friend's house during a snow storm and had a dream that he purchased a wood lathe from eBay and used a piece of scrap wood to turn a baseball bat. He woke up the next morning, got on eBay, and bought a shiny blue lathe. It was as though Christmas had come early when it arrived at his house. He practiced making snowmen, and candle sticks, and other cylindrical objects. He then started making miniature bats, no more than 6 inches long. When he found kiln-dried maple billets, he tried to make his first full length baseball bat. His first try turned out better than expected! He sold the first bat to a college friend and fellow ball player for just $20. Using that $20, he purchased a few more maple billets and made more bats. Soon, he found that he was turning bats in all his free time. During Aaron's college years, he perfected the models that he wanted to use, starting with the 271. He also worked on expanding to other models, making mini-bats and fungos. 


After college, he focused on advertising his new baseball bat company, RLCbats. His technologically savvy cousin, Bill, created the first website, and is still in charge of all website design. Shortly after launching the website, Aaron, his brother, Joe, and their hometown friend, Adam began setting up at tournaments to sell premade bats. We also brought the lathe to demonstrate the steps in making a bat. We have set up at various tournaments from Arizona to Maryland. Larry Young is currently in charge of all sales and has been with the company since May 2015. We also have many representatives throughout the United States, as well as Australia.


13 years down the road, RLCbats is currently making baseball bats for countless leagues, teams, and tournaments. Just like his dream, Aaron, as well as the rest of the RLCbats staff, hopes that all his customers get not only a well constructed bat, but that RLCbats can help in making dreams come true for hundreds of baseball players.


Thank you for choosing RLCbats to be your homerun hitter!

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